If you answered yes to any of the above, please join our International Yoga Day event on Jun 21st any time between 4pm and 8 pm at Chinmaya Abhyudaya Retreat Center, Willowbrook, IL. The goal of this FREE event is to encourage everybody to start or progress on their wellness journey with Yoga. Seven senior yoga teachers will provide personal guidance for your health and wellbeing in one venue!

Whether you are a beginner or have some knowledge, whether you are an adult, senior or have children, this is the perfect place to

    • Learn about yoga through short talks and Q&A sessions
    • Try out any of the 20 risk-free sample classes we have lined up for you, and 
    • Meet yoga teachers 1:1 to get personalized guidance for your pain, disease, health, or stress issues.

Bring your entire family and friends and make it into a fun evening. FREE nutritional snacks and beverages too! (Bring your yoga mat or buy one at the location at a wholesale price).

See below for some of the sample classes for adults, seniors, teens and children. Attend as many as you wish!

Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations) for instant energy Therapeutic Yoga for Back/Knee, Diabetes/Hypertension Foundational Daily Yoga Routine
Life Balance Through Yoga Gentle Yoga for Beginners and Seniors Basic Yoga for Children
Yoga Nidhra Stress-buster Primordial Sound Meditation for deep concentration Yoga for Teens –
Flexibility Through Yoga Yoga for Energy Enhancement Breathing techniques for health

RSVP here for a personal consultation –

We welcome friend groups, Boy/Girl Scouts, dance and music class groups, spiritual organization groups, and fitness teams. Contact us at [email protected] for group sign-ups.


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